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Your garage door or gate is actually a complex mechanical fitting that is one of the largest moving pieces of your home or property. So, just as you wouldn’t take your car to an inexperienced mechanic, you shouldn’t trust your garage door or gate installation to anyone but an expert.

Garage Door Service

Similar to your car, your garage door or gate should be serviced regularly and this low cost service that should occur at least once a year. Rely on our experienced door mechanics to check things such as;

  • Spring Tension
  • Mechanical checks
  • Track Alignment
  • Resetting of limit switches
  • Re-lubrication of moving parts

These will ensure that your door is secure and reliable for the year to come.

Garage Door Repair

If your garage door is not operating safely and securely, get it repaired before the problem escalates. Things to look out for are;

  • Not shutting or opening smoothly
  • No longer running smoothly
  • Becoming noisy

Repairs at this stage will mean you do not experience an emergency situation and will ensure that you have safe door or gate.

Property Manager?

A quick phone call to us and we will organise and co-ordinate every thing you need.

Including emergency repair, regular maintenance and/or upgraded option.

No fuss. No time wasted.

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