Sectional Garage Doors

One of the most space efficient garage doors is a sectional garage door, as they open vertically and bend upwards to eventually rest flat against your garage ceiling when fully open. Sectional garage doors are highly secure, durable and convenient to use and can be fitted to nearly any garage opening. This provides up to 14 cm more passage space than up-and-over doors. Hörmann sectional doors are optimally sealed with weather-resistant, flexible seals on all sides.

garage doors northern beaches Sectional Garage Doors - Detailed Garage Doors and Gates
garage doors northern beaches Sectional-Garage-Doors-Sydney-Detailed-Garage-Doors-and-Gates2
garage doors northern beaches - Sectional Garage Doors - Detailed Garage Doors & Gates

Up-and-Over Garage Doors

Up-and-over garage doors use proven technology and high quality, long-lasting functionality paired with safe operation. Up-and-over garage doors are available in a variety of appealing steel designs with ribbing and panelling or as timber doors. You can also create even more accents when choosing colours and surface finishes.

garage doors northern beaches - hormann-up-and-over
garage doors northern beaches Up&Over-Garage-Doors-Sydney-Detailed-Garage-Doors-and-Gates3
garage doors northern beaches - Up&Over-Garage-Doors-Sydney-Detailed-Garage-Doors-and-Gates2

Roller Garage Doors

A RollMatic roller garage door allows plenty of internal or external garage space, as you can park directly in front of the door and the garage ceiling remains free as well. Fully equipped with Hörmann operator technology RollMatic doors are made of corrosion-free, high-quality aluminium and the operator is located outside the support bracket for easy maintenance access. Also integrated into the control housing are the internal push button and light.

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Side Sliding Sectional Garage Doors

Side sliding sectional garage doors allow full passage height and are suitable for even difficult to fit openings. With 42mm thick PU foamed sandwich panels creating thermal and acoustic insulation when closed, they also allow partial opening for pedestrians to pass through with ease.