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Your garage door or gate is actually a complex mechanical fitting that is one of the largest moving pieces of your home or property.

So, just as you wouldn't take your car to an inexperienced mechanic, you shouldn't trust your garage door or gate installation to anyone but an expert.

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Additional remotes

We know that a back-up remote can save you in an emergency or last minute situation, so we're able to code you a new or replacement one easily. We usually have all, or at least most, of our remotes in stock, so just give us a call if you're ever stuck without one.


Never worry about hitting something while driving into your garage again. A wall mounted sensor called - Park-a Lert is your solution to parking safely in your garage.

It tracks the distance of your vehicle as it enters the garage and signals the pre-set stopping position with a flashing light that changes it's flashing colour when you reach the position.

EMB-A- Seal

An important necessity if you live in a bushfire risk zone, this fire-retardant rubber seal reduces the risk of fire embers entering your garage and catching alight. It also reduces the amount of dust or sand that enters a garage.

The seal can be added to sectional or rolling doors on a garage, shed or other rolling door.

Rechargeable Battery Backup

A great alternative power supply for the opener if it's power supply is broken.

Solar Power System

A back up battery system using solar power charge makes lock-outs a thing of the past.

Safety Infra-Red Beams

Our top recommended safety feature is the Infra-Beams, which will stop the garage door and reverse if the beam is broken, such as if a child or pet runs out unexpectedly.

Wireless Entry keyPad

Perfect for your children or when you are locked out - enter the garage without the remote using a pin code.

Emergency Key Release

For sectional doors - operate your garage door manually from the outside using a key.

Wall Button Transmitter

No wiring necessary, this solution provides remote door operation and is usually mounted inside the garage.

External antenna

Increase the range of the transmitter in areas that have poor reception.

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Service & Repairs


Similar to your car, your garage door or gate should be serviced regularly and this low cost service that should occur at least once a year. Rely on our experienced door mechanics to check things such as;

Spring Tension
Mechanical checks
Track Alignment
Resetting of limit switches
Re-lubrication of moving parts

These will ensure that your door is secure and reliable for the year to come.


If your garage door is not operating safely and securely, get it repaired before the problem escalates. Things to look out for are;

Not shutting or opening smoothly
No longer running smoothly
Becoming noisy

Repairs at this stage will mean you do not experience an emergency situation and will ensure that you have safe door or gate.

Property Manager?

A quick phone call to us and we will organise and co-ordinate every thing you need.

Including emergency repair, regular maintenance and/or upgraded option.

No fuss. No time wasted.

We make it easy – so call Detailed Garage Doors and Gates now on 0415 813 495

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